DAY 10

We left Meyer's Chuck early after re-filling our cooler with ice from the local fishing lodge. Bryan and I watched as a float plane took off in a sweeping arc across the small harbor and nearly clipped the trees on the opposite side during its climb-out! We made our way across some more big water toward Wrangell. Along the way, I spotted an interesting place in the cruising guide. It was the Anan Creek Bear Observatory. We deviated from our original track to investigate; boy were we glad we did!

We anchored the sev for the 1st time and borrowed the USFS rowboat to get to shore. We were briefed by a ranger about the bear activity and then hiked about a mile to a deck overlooking some waterfalls. We were treated to an incredible sight as we watched one brown and one black bear dance around in the falls catching fish and eating them. It's just like what you see on "National Geographic Explorer!" A couple dozen bald eagles swooped around doing their own fishing as well. We shot lots of film and video as the show unfurled before our eyes. We arrived in Wrangell around 2000 after stopping on a beach to wait out afternoon winds and perform some minor skirt maintenance.