DAY 12

We slept in and had pancakes for breakfast. We finally rolled out and flew up the Shakes Slough around 1300 and headed for the Shakes Glacier. We navigated around moderately-sized icebergs and entered shakes lake where the glacier entered at the head of the lake. We observed the glacier from a safe distance, but it wasn't actively calving. We heard a few cracks and pops, but we saw no falling ice. We headed back as a commercial jet boat excursion entered with its load of passengers.

Bryan pulled up to a low-profile iceberg and I climbed out on the bow to bring us in. I jumped onto the berg in attempt to chip off some ice to fill our cooler, but the darned thing was too slippery. I couldn't get any footing and almost went into the drink, but I caught myself on the bow grab rail and jumped back aboard just in time.

We flew back downstream and landed on a gravel bar that was snagging the bergs and climbed out to harvest some smaller ice floating near the shoreline. Bryan shoved us off and I flew Explorer down and out of the Stikine River and up Wrangell Narrows to Petersburg. We hailed the harbormaster and got a slip for the night right next to the cannery. It was a bit on the noisy side, but at least we wouldn't get slammed by any wakes or have any floatplanes do their run-up right outside our windows. We took a quick walking tour around town and once again had pizza for dinner.