DAY 13

This was the last leg of the trip to Juneau! I updated the trip blog at the Petersburg Harbormaster's office and we cast-off for Juneau. It was rainy, foggy, and about 50 F. Between the two tempermental GPS's we found our way out of town and into Stephens Passage, leaving town by 1530.

We rode a 10-15 knot tailwind up Stephens Passage for several miles, ending up with 3-4 foot seas in the northern section as the daylight dwindled away. Bucking the wind-driven seas and navigating through the twilight, we finally made it into Juneau at 2330. What joy and elation; we had accomplished a feat never before undertaken!

We met up with Mike and Karen Loverink who lent us one of their cars for our stay. We also met Hoverclub of America member Mark O. who gave us some great local cruising information. We ended up reserving a USFS cabin on the Taku River and we had Mark along on our first local adventure.