We left Prince Rupert after sealing a few windshield leaks and we made another open-ocean crossing at Dixon Entrance, which lead us back into U.S. waters. Shortly thereafter, we took a break for a bit on a sandy beach just south of the Tree Island Lighthouse to let the troublesome afternoon winds subside. To our delight, we found several dozen starfish laying around the tidal pools and we saw a few eagles flying about.

When the winds diminished to a manageable blow, we pushed onward and encountered a minefield of fishing nets as we approached Ketchikan. The fishermen didn't realize we weren't a threat to their nets and a few hailed us with smart remarks! Back in the US now, our first stop in Alaska was Ketchikan. We moored at the public floats downtown. We knew we were back in civilization as we strolled through the town and saw a million jewelry stores and bars. We ended up treating ourselves to a tasty dinner at Subway.

The next morning came early to the sound of float planes taking off one after another from a nearby float. And three cruise ships had moored just down the way. This town had just come alive!