We toured around Ketchikan 'till early afternoon and said our good-byes to Barry, who had to catch the ferry back to Bellingham, Washington to attend to business. We tried to get a hold of a gentleman who ran a hover-tour business in years past with a Shearwater, but we were unsuccessful. Bryan and I struck out on our own, headed for Wrangell.

We stopped along the way on a sandbar the Webers would enjoy jumping with their StarCruisers. It was kind of a whoop-dee-doo and favorable to jumping the Explorer. The nice sandy beach also provided an excellent opportunity to stop and check the skirt and engine since we had been tied up to floats for the past several days. That's a handy feature for hovercraft...we can make our own dry dock!

Afterward, we trudged through some windy conditions and ducked into a sleepy little community called Meyer's Chuck where we tied up for the night. Some locals were amazed at our approach to the harbor. We went right over some big rocks that appear at low tide. We had to explain that as long as there was water over the rocks, we were safe.