Flying a Hovercraft on Ice is an Exhilierating Experience!

When I lived in Los Alamos, New Mexico, I started an event called the New Mexico Ice-In. We typically held it on Eagle Nest Lake in the northern NM mountains near the town of Angel Fire. The last year we got together, we moved the event to Vallecito Reservoir in southwestern Colorodo, just East of Durango, CO.

Click on the thumbnails to open a larger version in this frame and to read a description of what's going on. Hovercraft demonstrate their best performance on ice because of the inherently reduced friction, and the lack of having to overcme the bow wave in water. You can really get going fast in no time flat! A hovercraft operates from ice to water and back to ice effortlessly and without notice. That's why a hovercraft is the best platform for use in ice rescue operations.

Flying in snow is a lot of fun, too. Be it hard-packed or powder, a hovercraft is at home in the snow. You have to be careful, though. You can create your own blizzard when you first start-up and blast-off.